They’re here!

FINALLY! Oh. My. Gosh!

What in the world am I talking about?! Books! But not for me; they’re for my daughter.

I tell ya — I’m glad they’re finally here. I don’t think I could have taken the whining and complaining and tantrums for another day. So thank goodness her books are finally here.

My surly precious little girl received a gift card from Books A Million for Christmas. Unfortunately, we don’t have that bookstore here. (No offense, but that’s fine with me since I regularly donate my book money to Barnes & Noble.) So what in the world do we do if we don’t have an actual store to visit?! We order online.

<insert sing-song voice> I love love love ordering online. <end sing-song voice>

Does that make me antisocial? I DON’T CARE, especially since we’re ordering books and you know their one-size-fits-all stature means we won’t need to return them since we didn’t get to try them on before our purchase. Score! Plus my saucy beloved little girl picked them out herself. If there’s one thing that I hate to deny my girl from buying, it’s books. I could spend all day in B&N and probably in BAM, too. I’m so glad she shares my love of reading.

So here the box sits…


It’s waiting for the sassy darling little girl to open it. The books want to be read. I think I’ll celebrate the fact that they’ve been delivered by going online to B&N. Any great book suggestions??


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