Ripped from the headlines!

I honestly cannot believe that this was the third headline on CNN‘s latest news.

If you didn’t notice the link, you will now—Justin Bieber. This will probably be my least favorite blog post EVER in the history of ever.

In between conference calls today, I saw the breaking news of that silly police raid into Bieber’s California home. I wonder if this would have happened if he were still living in that country up north, eh? I doubt it. I don’t think his grandparents would have approved. But here in the good ole USA, pretty much anything goes. And I’m sure Bieber had pretty much anything (and everything) going on in that million-dollar mansion of his. After all, one of his homies was arrested on a felony cocaine possession. I hear it could’ve been JB arrested, but maybe he was on his best behavior or the sheriff decided to go easy on the kid. Whatever. I don’t care if he was arrested or not. However, it may have done him some good and put him back on the right track to heartbreaker status instead of lawbreaker. For awhile, I didn’t mind my daughter listening to his songs or watching his movies. Now, neither one of us cares much for him. I’m glad my daughter sees that he’s done wrong over and over again and chooses to look for other more mature role models. She doesn’t need to waste her (or my) money on his music or swag. I just hope he has some of the proceeds from the last album we bought. He may need it to pay for that $20,000 egging on his neighbor’s house. I mean, who does that?!

I know, I know. Innocent until proven guilty.

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