Me Time

Who doesn’t like alone time every once in a while? I know I do. I absolutely treasure it. I usually try to make the most of it. My checklist includes:

1. Turning off all lights
2. Snuggles on the couch with my doggy and 1 or 2 blankies (or more)
3. Comfy clothes and slippers
4. Bath and Body 3-wick candle glowing next to the TV
5. A nice, full glass of wine
6. A quiet home
7. The TV. All. To. Myself.

Yes, it smells super nice and it’s absolutely peaceful. I got lucky tonight. Lucky meaning I got me some Me Time. After ice skating, we came home to an empty house with the doggy freshly fed. The hubby had a guy night at the hockey game. The little one had a friend over so she was occupied. It wasn’t necessarily quiet or nice and smelly, and it was even really bright. But I managed to fulfill the little one’s dinner request of Ramen noodles before she and her friend hightailed it upstairs to stow away in her room. I did manage to get snuggles with the doggy and several blankies along with the TV. All. To. Myself. Ah. I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I do, I try to live it up by watching as many of my recorded shows as possible. I managed to get through 4 entire episodes of Law & Order: SVU, NCIS: LA, and Hawaii 5-0. Yay me! I didn’t get a big glass of Malbec, but when just a few items on my checklist become available, then I’m in. I will take advantage of Me Time anytime.


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