Can we go to the pet store?

The question no parent wants to hear, especially when said parent has just paid multiple bills and has no “extra” money. But what the hell? Why not?!

But we are only staying for 15 minutes and we are not buying a dog. My girly wholeheartedly agrees!

It was pretty crowded at the pet store today. Guess that’s what happens when the kids have a day off school! There were also loads of puppies! Oh no. That’s the worst!

Me (to my girly): “No, I’m not buying this puppy today. I’m not buying that puppy either.” Wait. Aw! I could totally buy that puppy.

Me (to one of the employees): “What kind of dog is the black and white one?”

Overly helpful employee: “He’s a German shepherd husky mix.”

Me (asking a question I have no business asking): “How much is he?”

Extremely exuberant employee: “Actually, I just reduced the price on him today! Let me double check.”

So we wait and just stare at the adorable little creatures some more.

Awfully chipper employee (to me): “He was priced at $1,688 but he’s now $999.”

Same irksome employee (to my girly): “Would you like me to get him out so you can walk him for a few minutes?”

Of course, I can’t say no even though we’ve already overstayed our welcome. I say we can get the puppy out for a few minutes and then we’re leaving.

Remember in Despicable Me how Agnes goes crazy over the unicorn stuffed animal? “Oh my gosh, it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” That’s how we both felt about this puppy.

I wouldn’t mind another puppy to keep our big puppy company, but it’s just not the right time to buy a dog. I had to explain that to my girly over and over again because she wouldn’t stop saying how much she wanted him.

This is how trips to the pet store always end. I should’ve known. Maybe that’s how I ended up with a migraine. Ugh.


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