I can predict the future!

It is July 30, 2014–day 211.

My alarm wakes me up just as the sun is rising. I reach over to my makeshift nightstand to turn off this morning’s iPhone alarm–the “vroom vroom” of the motorcycle is just loud enough next to my ear to wake me from a dreamless slumber. I decide to immediately turn off the alarm instead of hitting snooze. It’s going to be a beautiful summer day. I don’t feel the need to sleep in. I look over out the back window to see the tree branches blowing just a bit. The birds are out there singing over each other. I lift my arms to stretch out and feel my hubby’s face. I know he’s probably not ready to get up just yet; that doesn’t stop me from touching his face to make sure he’s still breathing and not sleeping with his glasses on (again). I turn over to give him a quick hug and kiss and say, “Good morning.” I’m careful not to get too close though. We all have morning breath, you know.

I slip into my super comfy VS slippers and head into the bathroom. I close the doors before turning on the lights; gotta get dressed and brush my teeth before heading to the gym. It’s a good thing I picked out my work out clothes the night before and set them in the closet. It only take a few minutes, and then I grab some socks, pull them on, lace up my kicks, and lean over on the bed (with minty fresh breath) to say, “Happy Anniversary, honey.” The hubby smiles and quietly says, “Happy Anniversary.” I’ll never forget the anniversary of our very first date. Wow–it’s been twenty years this year.

I’ll let hubby sleep in a bit longer. It’s still early, so I’ll also let the little one sleep in with the dog. She insists that the dog’s crate be in her room. I tiptoe down the hall to the stairs and see the dog poking his head up. “Shhh…go back to sleep, Char-Char. I’ll be back.” Downstairs, I grab a granola bar and my CamelBak bottle. Gym, here I come!

Outside, it’s just starting to get hot. I love summer!

The rest of the day goes off without a hitch. It’s a weekday, so we all stick to our normal routine. I come home from the gym to shower, wake up the hubby, let the dog out, feed the dog, make some coffee, get online for work, go through email, check my calendar for meetings, go through email again, drink coffee, and then get settled on the deck with my laptop, iPhone, and coffee. Working from home has its advantages. The little one comes out to greet me a few hours later. After more email and work, we all have lunch. Then it’s back to more work on the laptop while the little one finds some friends outside to play with and ride bikes. The late afternoon finds us all back in the kitchen trying to find something to prepare for dinner. “Let’s just get something at the pool,” says the hubby. Ah, perfect! The little one grabs her friend to take with us to the pool while we make sure we have enough cash to buy a nutritious dinner of hot dogs, pretzels, and maybe some cotton candy.

We stay until the pool closes around 8:30 p.m. “Can we have a sleepover?” yells the little one and her friend, simultaneously, from the back seat. I knew it. I look over at the hubby to see if he has an opinion; he just shrugs his shoulders. I think the sun has put both of us in an agreeable mood. “Sure,” I say. We get home and the girls run next door to declare their sleepover plans. I greet the dog while the hubby motions for him to go out. We then get changed into some comfy clothes and move out to the deck. It’s a perfect night for a few glasses of wine, the dog laying at our feet on the ottoman, and the girls playfully yelling and running around the yards.

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