Mom of the Year

According to, strep in the World English Dictionary is short for streptococcus. It’s a noun.

According to WebMD, some of the symptoms of strep include:

  • sore throat
  • headache
  • red appearance in back of throat
  • absence of a cough

According to my darling child, she’s had a stomachache for the past few weeks now. I hate to just put her off, but how do I really know how bad her stomach hurts if I am not her? So I just keep asking her where it hurts, how does it really feel, does she feel like she has to go to the bathroom, does she feel like she has to throw up? When I had to ask her all of these questions (again) (this morning), I decided it was time to call the experts.

According to the triage nurse, a sore throat, an upset tummy, some nausea, and a headache can all be signs of strep throat. Wuh?! Huh?! Here I thought I’d be able to send my darling back to school today, but NO! I had to schedule a same-day appointment with our pediatrician. We get there and the doctor asks all of the same questions to the little darling that I was asked on the phone as well as by the nurse who showed us to our patient room. Doctor even has darling lay down so she can try to pinpoint where the pain is located and if it hurts in 1 spot more than others. Uh, nope. It all hurts the same. She hadn’t brought up strep throat, so I was wondering if I should… Uh, nope. Doctor decides to take a throat culture just to rule out strep. By the time we were finished singing “Roar,” the doctor is back with a POSITIVE diagnosis of strep throat. WUH?! HUH?!

Really?! Wow. Here I thought my little stinker darling was giving me the “my stomach hurts” bit to get out of going to Girl Scouts. Huh. Um, it’s only been a few weeks since she complained of her tummy ache… Can I still apply for that Mom of the Year award?


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