Here’s my attempt at capturing just a few of my daughter’s thoughts with this Weekly Writing Challenge

“Hey, babe.” I’m opening my eyes because mommy is rubbing my arm. “Guess what? No school today.” I start to smile and my eyes are wide open now. I tell mommy that I’m glad we don’t have school. I don’t think we should have to go to school today. I’m still tired. She’s telling me to close my eyes and get some more rest. I can do that…

What time is it now? The clock says 12:00. Why hasn’t mommy come up here to wake me up or bring me something to eat yet? Oh, that mommy! Where’s my iPod? Oh, there it is.


Uhhhhhhhh! Why do I have to take that medicine? I hate it. I know she’s going to bring me applesauce. I don’t like that applesauce. I knew it! Uhhhh. I’m only taking one bite of this and then I’m done. Ewww. That wasn’t too bad, I guess.

“Mommy, I’m hungry. I want bread with butter.”
“Well, since you didn’t go to school today, you can just eat what’s in your lunchbox.”

Great. I have to pause the television. I have to walk downstairs and get my lunchbox. Now I have to walk all the way upstairs. Now I can finish watching Kickin’ It. Why would mommy put this foil thing in here? Oh. I love this bread with just butter. What else is in here? Oranges! Those were so delicious. I want more.

“Mommy, those oranges were good.”
“Good, I’m glad you liked them.”
“I want more.”
“OK. You need to go downstairs and get them though. Just put the peels in the foil there. They’re easy to peel.”

Fine. I’ll walk down there again.

“How many can I have?”
“Well, you already had two and a half.”
“Really? That was two and a half? But they were good.”
“Fine. You can have two more, and that’s it.”

Aw, look at the doggie. He’s so cute. He never follows me though. He always follows mommy. Oh well. I have to peel these oranges myself. Uh. I don’t like peeling these oranges. Oh no! This orange is all messed up now. Why can’t I get all of the orange stuff off? No! I can’t eat it like that.


“Can you get this stuff off? I can’t eat it if it’s on there.”
“You wanted me to come up here to take off the rest of this peel?”
“Yes. Please. Can you peel the other one, too? I can’t do it.”

These oranges are so good! What other shows can I watch now? Oh, and I’m bored.

10 thoughts on “Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Haha, the “Oh, and I’m bored” was a great snap to end on. I liked this. It felt very realistic– the life of an intelligent kid and lovingly patient mother. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the challenge this week! 😀

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