Right here. Right now.

I guess I was so excited about writing my post that I prematurely published it. Doh!

But now I’m ready to write. Again. Right now.

I was thinking I would write while watching the Blue Jackets game. For those of you not familiar with the Blue Jackets — I’m referring to the Columbus hockey franchise and not any insects. I’m not sure who would confuse them with insects, but you never know. I just did.

Right now I’d have to say that life is good. The Blue Jackets are winning going into the 3rd period (even after giving up a goal). Maybe we’ll even see a hat trick tonight! Love those! Family is good. My little baby girl just finished watching Despicable Me 2 (for maybe the 6th time). She’s content. She’s even more content knowing she doesn’t have homework tonight. That’s fine with me! The kids have only had 3 snow days this week. Ay-yi-yi. So, yes, family is good now that school is back in session. Hubby is good. We had pizza for dinner; his favorite food. He’s content now that he’s full. He’s even napping while the hockey game is in its 2nd intermission. I’m full, too. Pizza yummy. Doggie is good. He’s laying on the floor next to my couch. He’s content. He usually is content when chewing on a bone. Ah. I get the couch to myself for now. I’m good. It’s not snowing right now. I’m in my comfy clothes. I have some bubbly water.

So, right here, right now, life is good.

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