Is there a right way to eat a banana?

I was listening to my favorite satellite radio station one morning on the way in to work and heard something about how to eat a banana correctly.

I like satellite radio because there are hardly any commercials. I have to wonder if that will ever change though, especially since the kid station (Radio Disney) that my daughter likes does have commercials. Hmmm…

I, personally, don’t like to talk in the morning until I’ve had a cup of coffee and brushed my teeth. I need my coffee. I don’t need to talk to anyone besides my daughter. I don’t mind talking to her in the morning. I don’t usually like to talk to my husband until I’ve my coffee. He can have a kiss though. I don’t mind listening to people talk in the morning. I like listening to the Morning Mash Up show on SiriusXM. I think they have cool jobs. They’re funny. They make me laugh in the morning. Laughing is a good thing. I don’t have to talk when I laugh.

Back to the discussion at hand…

Is there a right way to eat a banana? One of the DJs said something about how you shouldn’t eat a banana in the “normal” way — you know, peeling it from the top down. Okay… He said you should eat a banana like a monkey eats a banana. Wuh? Huh? They eat bananas from the bottom. How do you open up a banana from the bottom? I don’t know! Me, I don’t usually eat the banana ends. I usually rip off the ends or just discard those parts with the peel. I don’t see how eating it from the bottom is any different than starting from the top. I mean, it’s pretty much the same at one end as at the other. I guess it makes sense though. If the banana looks the same at the bottom and the top then why not start eating it at the bottom? But wait. Again — how do you peel it apart from the bottom? I don’t like to get any mushy banana parts on my hands. Isn’t that what would happen if it were opened from the bottom? There’s not really much to grab on to at the bottom to peel it open. Right? Maybe this is one of the great mysteries of the universe? More coffee, please.


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