I swear my daughter went through a little case of PMS last night after school. It doesn’t help that I’m PMSing either. It’s not unusual for her have a little breakdown after walking off the bus and into the house. I’m becoming accustomed to the little temper tantrums. I think the dog is used to it, too. Although, all he wants is a little attention, maybe a pat on the head, baby talk, and a little more attention. Me? I’d just like it to stay quiet.

So, PMS. I’m not ready for this. But we ended up getting through the evening. Thank goodness for neighbors! Our little neighbor kept my daughter busy. However, it’s not good when my daughter is not busy. It’s not good for her. She gets bored. A lot. It’s not good for me. I like it quiet. It’s not quiet. Temper tantrums start. Crying starts. The eye rolling starts.

Daughter (crying with actual tears): “Why don’t I have a brother or sister?”
Me (thinking with eyes closed): “Not again.
Me (out loud; eyes open): “We’re not talking about this right now.”
Daughter (still crying; there are more tears): “Why don’t I have a brother or sister? I want a brother or sister. I feel like my life isn’t complete.”

I’m sitting perfectly still. I’m trying to think of which response to give her. Calmly.

Me: “We will talk about this tomorrow when daddy is home.”
Daughter (sniffling): “When will he be home? When he gets home, can we go upstairs and talk?”
Me (shocked; very still): “Wuh?! Huh?!
Me (out loud; slowly; carefully): “Why do you need to talk to us upstairs? What do you want to talk about?”
Daughter: “Well, some of the kids at school said that if your parents go to their room and kiss then you’ll have a brother or sister.”

OMG. I am so not ready for this with a 9-year-old.


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