Blame It on the Kids

We moved into our current house when our daughter was still an infant. We had family and friends to help us unload the multiple car trips and actual movers to move the heavy stuff. We could have asked the neighbors, but we didn’t know them. I gotta say now though, I’m pretty sure they all would’ve helped had we asked.

It took us a while to officially meet our neighbors. I remember saying hi and exchanging pleasantries during Halloween, while planting annuals out by the mailbox, walking the dog (on those rare occasions when the dog actually got exercise), putting out the garbage and recycling, and on and on it goes. But we didn’t really get to know our neighbors until the kids “made” us. I may only have one child, but I’m blaming this on all of the kids in the neighborhood. I should thank them, too.

We’ve made some really great friends in this neighborhood. The peeps here are all down-to-earth. They’re funny. They’re kind. They’re real. They’re friendly. Dare I say it? They are neighborly. Seriously, you want to have good neighbors. The people here are those good neighbors. They will watch your kid (or kids). They’ll have their older kids babysit your kid (or kids). They’ll have you over for the football game, and they’ll have you over again the following week for the next football game. They’ll have their kids mow your lawn so your husband doesn’t have to worry about his allergies. They’ll take out your garbage and recycling if you’re out of town. They’ll invite you over to their annual Halloween bash. They’ll keep an eye on weird characters (relatives) trying to get into your house by unsuccessfully using your garage keypad. They’ll shovel the six to eight inches of snow that fell while you were on vacation (maybe once). They’ll gladly drive down to the gas station to help jumpstart your car when your husband is traveling all week for work. They’ll get your kid (or kids) off the bus with only half a day’s notice.

So, yeah, I blame the kids for bringing all of us neighbors together. The kids started school and the neighbors started talking to each other.

Life is good with good neighbors.
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