A Little Girl and a Fireplace

When we were young, I remember my brother and I running around together in our living room. We would chase each other around the dining room and through the living room only to end up doing laps around the dining room table over and over again. I don’t remember how big the living room actually was, but I know it was large enough to hold a decent size wood-frame couch with matching wood-frame love seat and coffee table, and my dad’s ever-present La-Z-Boy recliner. We also had one of those big wooden television console sets that were meant to match the rest of the furniture. I even recall a wooden play table with chairs that my mom would set up for us so we could eat dinner right next to dad in his recliner. Over to the right of dad was a large fireplace with its wooden mantle. Notice a theme here? Lots of wood. Lots of sharp angles. Lots of hardwood with sharp angles that stuck out in just the right/wrong places. Enter a dancy, twirly, jumpy little girl. I don’t recall it being a long performance. That’s what happens when you twirl right into a wooden mantle with your face. Ah, memories

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