The Home on Leland Ave.

This is what I remember of my childhood home.

The long, rocky, gravel driveway we would run up and down leading to the remains of the garage that once was
The garden my mom planted every year next to the shed that replaced the old garage
The alley behind the shed where we could cut through to get to my brother’s friends’ houses
The sycamore trees we received as saplings on Arbor Day in elementary school that we planted in the backyard; mine survived, my brother’s did not
The back door that led down to the basement (creepy) we tried to avoid and up to the kitchen with the rectangular picture window that we could only see out of if we climbed up on the kitchen counter
The dining room with the dining set (which my parents still have to this day) and the built-in wooden toy box that we sat and played on
The windows we looked out of while sitting on the toy box
The porch swing we sat on eating strawberries or talking to friends or petting the neighbor’s cats
The front steps we sat on while waiting for our hopscotch turn
The big picture window in the living room we stared out of when we were grounded
The built-in wooden bookcase that housed my mom’s Chinese to English dictionaries and more kids’ hardcover books
The 15 or 20 stairs we raced down, skipped down, or flew down in laundry baskets that led upstairs to the only bathroom in the house
The bedroom that was once our playroom and became my brother’s blue bedroom
The biggest bedroom claimed by my parents with the long walk-in closet that we snuck in to (just a few times) before Christmas to count our gifts
The second biggest bedroom given to me by my parents where I carved my name into the floor molding in the closet so that perhaps the next little girl to occupy that room would think of me, what memories I had made, and maybe think about the memories she would make before carving her name next to mine.

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