Make a Wish

Make a Wish

I’m one of those people who can’t pass by a fountain without thinking about making a wish. I’ll think about whether or not I have any coins in my wallet or maybe there’s a penny hiding somewhere deep in the bottom of my purse. I’ll stop next to the fountain. I’ll look to see if there are any other coins in the water. I’ll look around to see if anyone else is thinking or doing the same thing as me. I make sure there are no signs that tell me not to throw coins in the water. Then I’ll sit down, if possible, next to the fountain and start thinking about my wish while I root through my purse for any leftover change. I’m looking for a penny. But honestly, I’ll settle for any coin I can find. It doesn’t really matter if I throw in a penny or a dime or a quarter. Wishes are only as expensive as you make them. So I’ll hold that coin in my hand for a few more seconds while I contemplate my wish. I know it’ll come true, but only if I don’t tell anyone about it, and only if I close my eyes and throw the coin over my shoulder once I’ve made the wish in my mind. Plop. I can hear the tiny splash. I lean over to try to find my coin amongst all of the others. I look around again to see if anyone is watching or looking at me. I double check to make sure I didn’t miss the don’t-you-dare-throw-any-coins-in-this-water sign.

What did I wish for? Will my wish come true? I’ll never tell… How about you?

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