Moments in My Life

What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life?

My husband and I share the same birthday month — March. In fact, we share almost the same birth day. We’re only 5 birth days (+ 1 year) apart. This was my 20-something birthday. We had a great trip planned! We flew out of Columbus to Phoenix. My husband surprised me with a convertible rental, and we drove around Phoenix, Sedona, Tempe, and Scottsdale for a few days. We had dinner with friends in Phoenix, we did the Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, we visited ASU and talked smack about their football team, and we daydreamed about how we could move to chilly Scottsdale because the temps weren’t quite so bad as in Phoenix. The birthday trip wasn’t over though! After all that we flew to Vegas, baby! We stayed in a gorgeous suite all the way at the top of one of the Mandalay Bay towers. When I wasn’t lounging in the living room, you could look out the wall of windows and see me (and all of the other little dot people) at the pool.

Who gives birth exactly on their due date? This girl! December 2004 was the longest month of my life. Christmas came and went. No baby. She was stubborn. I almost almost succumbed to peer pressure (my husband). He wanted me to take ipecac. After loads of research, I decided that was out of the question. We had sex instead. I enlisted friends to walk around the mall with me for hours at a time. We went to bed the night before New Year’s Eve joking that we’d be a whole family before the end of the year. Know what? The joke was on us. Our precious babe was born a little after 11:30 p.m. on 12/31/04.

My brother and I had just finished 6th grade. We would be moving on to junior high the next school year. But that summer we’d be on a 2-month long vacation with our mom. Our dad had to work, so he couldn’t go with us at all. It was sad, but we promised to write a lot. We would also call a lot. It was my first trip on an airplane, and it was scary. We flew from Dayton to St. Paul. That wasn’t too bad. Thank goodness for dramamine. My brother was the one who got sick though. Then it was on to Tokyo and then Taipei, Taiwan. I don’t recall how many time zones we went through, but it was a long flight. We slept. We walked around the plane. We got into trouble because the attendant thought we were pushing the call button too many times. My mom did a bunch of translating for us in Taiwan. Some of the family spoke English. Most didn’t. But happiness and love translate the same in any language. They were thrilled to have us, and we were excited to be there.

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