My Backyard

I’m sitting at the kitchen table on my laptop looking out the back windows. I see birds — robins and blackbirds — on the ground in our backyard looking for worms. It’s been raining for a few days so they’re probably having some luck digging in all of the mud and muck. I see the neighbor’s dog running around in her yard chasing the birds. My dog just saw her, too. I see a little chipmunk running around the base of my husband’s beloved Weber grill on the deck next to our favorite summer reading/napping/drinking/lazing/waiting spot. We adore our little outdoor patio love seat and ottoman. It’s just big enough for the two of us. I see the spring hyacinth bulbs already sprouting — at least the ones that weren’t eaten by the deer that our daughter spotted back there a few days ago. They’re coming up nicely around the old oak tree. The branches on all of the trees are still bare. The magnolia tree looks like it wants to come to life soon though. The buds remind me of pussywillows. I see the sun shining down on all of it. I see spring.

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