Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

That’s it. I have no clue. I honestly can’t recall what I wanted to write about when I started my blog. Okay, maybe I wanted to write about my family and the weather and my job or sunshine or bunny rabbits. I looked back at my very first post. I even said that I had some ideas. I just can’t remember them now. I seriously think I’m losing my memory at a young age. (Not that I’m young; I guess you could consider me middle aged. I’ll hit a big milestone next year that includes a 4. Just don’t say it out loud.) At what age do you start to lose your memory? My short-term memory sucks. I swear I can forget what I was just thinking about in 30 seconds. In fact, I just did it. I wanted to write something in this very post about what I wanted to write about from the beginning of my blog. Does that even make any sense? Holy cow. I’m not only losing my memory, but I’m losing my wits — not my funny wits though. I think I’ll always be funny and sarcastic. However, don’t ask me to recall the joke that my daughter told me yesterday. Why? Remember, my short-term memory disfunction? I hope so. Because I don’t.


7 thoughts on “No Clue

  1. I couldn’t remember any idea, except for the music reviews I’ve been doing since the first days. Guess I have the same short term memory loss as you… LOL. Well, in my case, the solution was to write about something that was in my mind today. Don’t know if it is enough, but at least I posted something!!
    I really like your blog! Congratulations!!!

  2. Hi, my name is Chris!

    I feel your pain. I used to be able to remember everything and anything from anytime. Now I’m lucky to remember to put on a pair of pants. I know usually it’s one leg at a time, but sometimes I wonder if they were meant to be done at the same time. And then I… get….

    Hi, my name is Chris!

    1. Good one! I’m sure I would forget to feed my dog twice a day every now & then… Fortunately, his internal clock doesn’t let him forget what times he eats every day! If only I had some of that! Thanks for your comment!

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