The Night Owl Gets the Early Bird (and vice versa)

I have gone back and forth on being the night owl or the early bird a few times in my life. Back in kindergarten, my brother and I were placed in the afternoon class. I don’t recall if my parents could choose morning or afternoon, but it was good that we got afternoon. We didn’t want to get up early! That didn’t change as I got older. Summer mornings were spent in bed. I didn’t need no stinkin’ breakfast. I went straight to lunch. It’s not as if we went to bed late either. My parents always made us go to bed at a decent time. Later on in high school I was able to stay up later in my room to read. And did I read! I could stay up all night just to read. I’m still that way. In college, I remember laying in bed for hours with my then boyfriend/now husband convincing ourselves that we could skip class just one time. Those were the days, right?! No worries. No work. Just independence. My friends always knew that there was no getting me up out of bed on any morning if there was no school or work. It didn’t matter if we went out the night before or stayed up playing cards or were drinking beers on the deck. We all knew I wasn’t getting up before noon. Then I got a “real” job after college and had to get my lazy butt up in the morning. It was all good though. It was easy enough to get up at six in the morning on the weekdays. I could still sleep in on the weekends, too. I had the best of both worlds! I could still party with the best of them. I was the night owl and the early bird! Things started to change, though, after I became pregnant. Yes, I did sleep a lot, but only before my daughter was born. Once the new year hit (because she was born on New Year’s Eve), the night owl in me said bye bye. I was early to bed for those late night feedings and early to rise for more feedings. My life completely changed. I was up early every day and in bed at a decent time every night. However, old habits do die hard. Over time, I’ve come to realize that it’s not in my nature to be an early bird. If I can stay up late to read a good book, I’ll do it. I’ll finish the damn thing if I can. Or, I’ll stay up for hours watching a new (or old) television series. It’s not as important for me to be the first person at work now. I’d rather stay later so that I can snooze a little longer in the mornings. I’m sure this will all change if/when I do have another child. But I’m content with my late nights and late mornings (for now).

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2 thoughts on “The Night Owl Gets the Early Bird (and vice versa)

  1. I enjoyed this. We also were given permission to read if we couldn’t sleep…and I’m still reading! I also am a Buckeye! Wonder if there is a correlation? Although I never really could embrace mornings (even with threats or having children) so can only swing for the Night Owl team! 🙂

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