Watch out!

“Watch where you’re running!”

I feel like I say that day in and day out. It never fails.


These guys are always chasing each other up and down and side to side. I don’t know how much more of these aches and pains I can take. They never bother to stop and ask for permission to run all over me. Nope. They just climb right up and have at it. One of these days they’ll end up chasing each other all the way to the top. I hope it’s a windy day. It’ll serve those little nut jobs just right. Maybe they’ll fall off; maybe they’ll break something. Or, maybe they’ll go bother my neighbor. I never hear him complain when the freaks come out. He stands there and says nothing!

I could probably use some of his patience. After all, we need to stick together. We need to show a united front! We need to show these –


They just broke a limb!

I really dislike squirrels.

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Writing Challenge.


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