Share Day Round Up

Today’s challenge: publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why we should read your recommendations.

I feel like my mind is racing around a hundred different subjects right now. I tried to narrow down my list of what I wanted to round up, but I couldn’t decide on just one thing. Instead, I’m going to round up some different opinion pieces that I found today. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

  1. Greetings, Loves. If the title of this blog post doesn’t get you then the title of the actual blog will get you (or get to you). Me? I find it fascinating. I wasn’t sure I wanted to click on it, but then I decided what the hell. It’s a new blog so maybe my post will help increase its popularity; I hope so! I want to read more of what this person has to say! I really do like reading opinion pieces on what’s going on in the media today. I like reading about topics that hit close to home — like parenting, getting kids to do their homework and eat their green veggies, how to make your husband feel guilty enough to buy you flowers. Hmmm… Those are some good ideas…
  2. The Thin of It. I like this title. I like it because it’s down-to-earth. Just the facts! We’re going to hear about substance and stuff. Good stuff. Interesting stuff. I want to read about all the stuff that an up-and-coming writer is writing. I believe I’ve found it here. I can’t wait to read and comment!
  3. 10 Reasons to Start a Blog. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to title my blog and what I wanted to write about every day. Yes, I vowed to write every day. I may not do that, but I certainly try. I, like Molly, have fallen in love with blogging! When I’m on a role, I’m on a role! Her first reason to start blogging mentions that it helps us express our own opinions. YES! I want to do that. I haven’t done it so much, but I hope that I can start moving outside of my comfort zone soon to expand upon my writing.

So what do these blogs have in common? These posts were all published today! But they also talk about opinions. I like to read blogs that make me think and play on my own opinions enough to get me to write. I’m following these blogs now because of their opinions. I hope my post and their sites are enough to get you to follow, too!


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