The dog is barking. Again.

Yes, it happens on a daily basis. I don’t mind (for the most part). It’s annoying at times.

Like when someone is at the door and I have to grab on to the dog’s collar while he tries to rip my shoulder from the socket and chooses to bark at the exact perfect time when our visitor is speaking. I pride myself on good hearing, but having a chocolate lab bark a few feet from your ear at just below the sound barrier is pushing it even for me.

It used to be annoying when my daughter was an infant and taking a nap. I probably should have ripped the doorbell out of its place. We never got to it though because our black lab at the time was probably barking when we had the thought.

The barking isn’t as annoying to me when we’re home alone. Sometimes it helps to hear the dog bark his little heart out when he sees some friendly chipmunks chasing each other around on the deck. It’s like a friendly yip (if an 85+ pound chocolate lab can yip) to say, “Hey! Don’t be running around on my deck! Not unless I can come out there and put my mouth on you.

The most annoying bark is when it’s totally unexpected — like when it scares the poop out of me. Those are the times when I scream a little (out loud), laugh hysterically (like I’m crazy), and jump up to race through the house to find the culprit that set off the dog. If it’s the lone deer grazing on the grass (or my bulbs) in the backyard, then that’s okay. I don’t blame him for barking. However, if it’s nothing in sight then it’s time to curse and get peeved at having to get up to look at — what? The leaf that just floated to the ground? The blue jay who landed on the electrical box? Your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks for the inspiration, Assignment Twenty-One. This was good.


2 thoughts on “The dog is barking. Again.

    1. Ha! Those are the times it’s actually funny when the dog barks! I crack up when a doorbell rings in a commercial because my dog is usually in a deep sleep! He instantly awakens and starts barking at nothing!

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