The My First Fifty post has been the one with the most views on my blog to date. It’s interesting. I believe there may be a group out there in blog land who want to read more of these types of stories.

This was a creative writing challenge in which I participated in early April. I wanted to break out of my usual blog post and do something different. I hope it was successful — I don’t want to say that it was just because I received a large number of blog hits though! If you read my post, do tell me what you thought. Did I capture the essence of a fifty-word story? I think I can do better. I’ll try again.

She burst through the front door with the flourish of a strutting peacock. Her arms waved around her head and torso as if on fire. She stomped her way to the kitchen and declared, “It’s too hot.” Pause for dramatic effect… “And I’m bored.” We looked at her, as usual. 

Thanks to our Day Twenty-Seven assignment for the inspiration here!


2 thoughts on “To Be Continued

  1. Love your blog layout! Can’t believe the Blogging 101 is over, looks like it inspired you as much as it did me!
    Your story makes me want to know more, like what happens next… who is this girl 🙂

    1. Thank u so much! I’m so glad I participated in the challenge. It certainly helped me. My story draws from my life! Perhaps I’ll have to write future 50-word stories to keep the story progressing… Thanks for the idea! 😉

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