I have a cousin back home graduating from high school this school year — Class of 2014! I wish I had done a better job of keeping in touch with her as she’s grown. She’s a beautiful young adult now, and I’m extremely proud of her (as I am for all of my cousins and everyone else who has or will be graduating — I hope I didn’t leave anyone out)! As I get up there in age and live through these momentous occasions and milestones, there are many things that I realize I’ve taken for granted and let pass me by. Like what? Well, I’m glad you asked.

  1. Keeping in touch with cousins. In this day and age, it shouldn’t be hard to reach out and virtually touch someone, right? Right. But I haven’t kept in touch. Sure we all friended each other on Facebook and maybe Twitter, but does that count? Maybe in this technology-crazed 21st-century, yes. Eh, not really. We can all do better. I just finished the zerotohero blog challenge. One of the last assignments was to put together a 30-day calendar for blogging. They had some great ideas for inspiration, so why not do something similar in my personal life? I don’t think it would be difficult to say hi to my cousins at least once per month. How? Perhaps Facebook… ??
  2. Calling my mom weekly. What about daily?? Like me, she’s not getting any younger. Although she certainly doesn’t look her age — that’s fo sho! She’s got good genes! She’s lost a ton of weight over the past several years and she seems to take pretty good care of herself. Okay, no, she didn’t go to see her doctor after being ill for over two weeks last month, but she did go to urgent care. Thank goodness my dad was there to keep her company. She’s on the mend now and planning to visit this coming weekend. Thank goodness I didn’t have to drive back home to take her to the hospital! I’m sure she would have loved that — she may have liked my visiting but not the hospital part. But I digress! I need to make a valiant effort to call my mom at least once a week. What about every other day? Hmm… Let me stick to once a week and then shoot for every other day! Baby steps!
  3. Talking to my brother in person. Remember what I said about making an effort? My parents live about 2 hours away so calling them at least once a week is easy enough. My husband and I work full time. Our daughter is in grade school. We can’t really drive back and forth every day or multiple times per week just to say hi. Although we could do it on occasion (I know!). After all, my father-in-law drives that distance at least 3 times every week! My husband’s parents live in the same hometown as my parents. My FIL works in Columbus. I honestly don’t know how he drives 2 hours each way multiple times per week, but God bless him! Agh, I digress! Again! But there’s a logical progression — my brother and his family live literally 2 minutes away from my house. No, not in the same neighborhood. It’s the neighborhood across the street from our neighborhood. We don’t keep the same schedules; our daughters don’t go to the same grade school nor do they have similar hobbies/extracurriculars. SIGH That shouldn’t keep us from talking or getting together more often. When our girls were smaller, we would try to meet and have dinner a few times a month. I’m not sure how we got away from that… We need to do that again. I need to make sure we do that again. Soon.
  4. Walking the dog. It’s called laziness. I don’t mind walking the dog. I’ve done it dozens of times. (Saying hundreds would be pushing it.) When we go for walks as a family, I’m the one who picks up the poo. It doesn’t bother me. S*^# happens. Ha ha. I always have good intentions of A) getting up early (not happening; why can’t I just admit that?) OR B) taking a lunch break with the dog (instead of working through lunch) OR C) walking after dinner (what? I’m tired.) OR even D) just doing it (it’s the thought that counts, right?). Sorry, Charlie… I’ll make more of an effort. I promise! He’s not too chubby yet. It probably helps that we’re feeding him the healthy weight recipe dog food.

So what’s the moral of my blog rant here? It’s that I don’t take nor have I taken or MADE enough time to spend with family or to even walk my dog. Life seriously gets in the way of being proactive.

Don’t let life, leisure, or laziness stop you.


2 thoughts on “Happy Congraduations!

  1. Oooohhhh…I definitely needed to read this. I read the Happiness Project last year and the basis of that book is to make monthly resolutions that by the end of the year end up to big changes. These would all make great monthly challenges or resolutions. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

  2. Wow, Susan! I have had the same thoughts so many times. I definitely need to stop taking my family for granted. They live an hour and a half away, but the phone is always a good option. I’ve been writing an actual hand-written letter to my nana monthly, but that’s really the only contact I have with her other than holidays. I need to change that!

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