Why I Should NOT Go To The Pool

Water: too cold
Hot: it’s hot out there
You: You won’t be there.
I: I could drown.
Sun: sun and sunburns
Hubby: Will he, or won’t he, go?
Oil: I feel bad going into the water after putting on suntan oil.
Unable to read: might be too sunny to read my Nook
Laundry: won’t do itself
Dreaded swimsuit: enough said
Not motivated: to get up
Oh, the horror: yes, back to the swimsuit again
The dog: he’ll be all alone at home
Golf: That’s why my hubby probably won’t go.
On the grass: dread that there will be no lounge chairs left
The temp: Did I mention it’s warm?
Other people: How many will be there?
Timing: timing it just right to get a few chairs
Hot cement: ouchies on the feet
Eats: of course my daughter will have to have something from the snack bar no matter what I bring
Pale: I don’t have much of a tan yet.
Outside w/ bugs: you never know
On the slide: I don’t like going down the slides.
Lazy: I’m feeling lazy today.

There’s my list. But I’ll probably go to the pool anyway.


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