On My Mind

I had my alarm set for two different wake-up calls today. The first one went off. I turned it off knowing that the second one would get me. The second one went off. I figured it had been raining last night so I set a third alarm. The third one went off. The next thing I know my husband is telling me that I need to get up. That was quite a few minutes after the third alarm.

The doggie needed to go out and then he needed to eat. Perhaps he knows that we’re leaving for vacation (without him) later this week. For the past week or so he hasn’t been scarfing down his food as quickly as usual. The other day it sat in his bowl for at least six hours before he finally gobbled it. My daughter spent the night at a friend’s the night before; the dog didn’t eat until after she was home in the afternoon. I guess he missed her.

My husband used to tell me that the dog would lie on the landing during the day when I was in the office. I believe he was actually waiting for my daughter to get home – not me. The bus drops off before I come home anyway.

I’ve been having some crazy dreams lately. I like to look them up online at Dream Moods. For example, I looked up “singer” the other day because Justin Timberlake {swoon} was in my dream. I wouldn’t say I have a crush on him. I really like his music. I must have been channeling his latest song as I fell asleep. That’s how I think dreams come to us anyway. I know it has something to do with your subconscious, too. I don’t recall anything else from that dream – just JT.

What I do recall are the dreams I sometimes have about running from one side of the school (probably high school) to the other after some class. I can’t remember my locker number or combination. I don’t know if I have all of my books. I try to think which books I’ll need for the morning and which are needed in the afternoon so then I won’t have to carry a zillion of them with me all day. I don’t believe this ever really happened to me when I was in high school. I need to look this up again to figure out what my mind is trying to tell me!

What else do I dream about? I wish I could remember! I think my memory is starting to get worse. Is that what happens once you near 40?? I hope not. Maybe I just don’t care about everything as much as I used to? Whatever that means… Sometimes it’s easy to remember what you’ve forgotten if you go back to the same place you were when you were thinking about “it.” That does work for me (most of the time).

Laundry. That’s what I’m thinking of now. I’ve been trying to stay on top of it. It’s hard when I’m the only one in the house who does it though. My daughter is 9; not really old enough yet to do it, but maybe she is and I’m just putting it off. My mom didn’t teach me how to do laundry until before I left for college. Is that bad?! No. She was the one who always did our laundry at home. She had a certain way of doing the laundry, and that’s how she wanted it done. We just had to make sure our dirty clothes were put into the hamper.

Speaking of hampers… My husband nor my daughter really understand the functional use of hampers. Is that bad?! Yes. My daughter’s clothes, underwear, pajamas, pool towels all end up on the floor in her room. Or, they’ll end up on the floor in her bathroom next to the hampers that I’ve set in there for her dirty clothes and her used towels. My husband will throw his used towels and all of his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. I have three hampers. One for dirty clothes, one for dirty whites, and one for used towels. I keep them open to make it easier to sort. It doesn’t help. I’ve taken to not doing my husband’s laundry unless it’s in the hamper. That means sometimes he has to use my daughter’s towels because there aren’t any in the linen closet yet. Why’s that? Because neither my husband nor my daughter are able to put clothes away. I told myself I would politely fold my husband’s laundry but I will not put it away any longer. I’ve done that before, too. I always end up putting his stuff away eventually. I guess he doesn’t mind sorting through piles on the chair in the bedroom or through a stacked laundry basket when his drawers and closet are empty (or when he doesn’t want to wear that one pair of boxers that he doesn’t like anymore). I haven’t done this to my daughter just yet. I’ll get there in a few more years. I think I’ll need a few more laundry baskets though.


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