The Pool

The pool is always a great time to people watch. I sometimes feel guilty because I don’t necessarily want people to people watch me. But if I’m in the mood, I’ll keep my sunglasses on and do it anyway. I just have to remind myself that I’m comfortable in my own body (most of the time).

We went to the pool yesterday. It was my first time this summer. It was my daughter’s second time. Jealous.

I expected to see all new lifeguards at the pool since a new pool management company was chosen to run the place this year. That wasn’t the case, as I recognized pretty much all of the lifeguards.

It was fairly crowded when we arrived. All of the lounge chairs were taken, so we had to scope out a place on the grass. Luckily, we found a good spot for the six of us in our group. Before I could finish spreading out our blankets, the girls had already grabbed their goggles, removed their cover ups, and were speed walking to the water.

It’s funny to watch the kids who aren’t in the water. It doesn’t matter if they’ve only just arrived or just come off the water slides or floated back up from the diving board — all of these kids “speed walk” right back into the water. Some speed faster than others — like the smaller kids. As the kids get older though, they don’t need to walk as fast. The middle school girls walk together and act like they aren’t paying attention to the middle school boys. The middle school boys speed walk together, very similar to the smaller kids, not really paying attention to anyone but themselves. The high school kids are mingling together. You see more of these girls laying out longer than the ten-minute rest period every hour might allow. The boys like to cannonball or show off their diving skills or play water basketball.

Adults are fun to watch. More power to those women who brave the community in their bikinis. I like bikinis. I wish I were skinny enough to wear one out in public. I could probably get away with it, but I am so not testing those waters. I’m fine wearing my tankinis because I detest one-piece suits. But I digress! Some moms feel the need to wear tankinis with the skirts. Those are not for me. But most of the moms who wear them are cuties. The younger moms who wear them can be seen walking around holding hands with toddlers or playing in the shallow end with the other moms and tots. The older moms (and even some grandmoms) are laying out or braving the waters with the kids.

The dads can be seen playing in the water with the kids, for the most part. They’re not too keen on laying out, but there are the occasional dads who can be seen next to their significant others getting their tans on. There are many younger dads with tattoos. I think those dads like to show them off. They show off their tans, too.

Then there’s me and my family. I like to lay in a lounge chair with my Nook. Sometimes the hubby will lay next to me and snooze. We’ll hit the water — as long as it’s not too cold because I’m told some guys don’t like that cold water — and wade around with our daughter and her friends or just enjoy the sun while lazing on the side. And then, that’s all there is to tell…

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