A Long Walk

I want to experience San Francisco with my husband. I visited with some girlfriends quite a few years ago. We stayed with the sister of one of the girls with whom I was traveling. My husband does a lot of traveling himself for work. However, he’s never had the opportunity to go to San Francisco. If we could, I’d take him on a long walk and reminisce about some of the places I visited. I don’t remember much now, but I’m sure some things would come back to me.

One of our first ventures would be to walk up the twisty, windy, steep hill known as Lombard Street. Yes, I’d make him brave the journey on foot! First, we’d stop at the bottom of the street and take a few pictures. We’d “people-watch” the cars negotiating the zig-zag curves. If I remember correctly, each car would have to navigate around short driveways and sharp turns at barely 5 MPH.

After watching some of the brave conquer the drive down the hill, we’d take in all of the many vibrant colors tempering the view: the mauve-colored flowers growing out over the terraces; the lush green shrubs lining the curves; the dozens of purple, white, pink, and periwinkle hydrangeas. It all makes the stark whites, pale creams, and dingy stucco just a bit less harsh.

Then we’d hold hands and start the trek up the arduous grade. We’d probably do some hand holding with the stair rail, too, but only when taking breaks to snap a few more pictures of the journey.



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