The Note

I woke up early. I leaned down to give the hubby a quick peck on the cheek and a brief, but quiet, explanation of what I’d be doing. I went for a long walk. It felt good to be outside in the dewy air with just my thoughts. The sunshine, the birds, and even the occasional earthworm (that I took care to step over) made me smile. I took several deep breaths as I made my way back to the house. I felt exhilarated.

I noticed the post on our mailbox was sticking up, but I didn’t recall putting anything in there to be mailed. Did my husband? Maybe my daughter? Interesting. The box was hanging open.

I didn’t want my mailbox to be out of order, so I detoured to it before going inside. Just before I could shut the box and turn down the post, I noticed a neat little note tucked inside. I looked up and down the street. Hmm… I grabbed it, shut the box, and turned to saunter into the house. I unfolded the note and started to skim it.

I stopped. I read the note again, this time slowly. Word for word. My heart fluttered. Tears started to tickle my eyes. I slowly looked up from where I stood and smiled. I had to get this message back to the sender.

I made my way up the driveway. It was time to say a proper good morning.


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