New Kid on the Block

I was extremely excited to meet him for the first time! He’s only been around the neighborhood for the past month. His presence was expected and eagerly anticipated! I couldn’t wait to meet him in person! I love babies!

I saw his picture on Facebook before actually meeting him in person. Isn’t that how we meet a lot of people initially anymore? Online?

I may have been a bit of a Facebook stalker before he was born, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one! I was updating my feed every half hour or so until I found him! That first picture of him in his bassinet made him look like he was super long — his torso seemed to go on for miles. He had those cute little baby fingers that just reach up in the air to grab at whatever they can grab. His eyes were closed, so it made his little finger movements even more graceless. His mouth was open — perhaps ready for the first of many feedings; his lips were so tiny and precious and almost nonexistent since all you could see was his itty pink tongue moving around his mouth. He had just enough blondish-brown hair (is that red I see?) on his head to round out his handsome features. It’s not a lot of hair. However, it’s just the right amount to let the baby girls know who he is. His skin looked like it would be baby soft to the touch. It just looked perfect. Then again, all babies are perfect. They’re all adorable.

What can I say? I love babies. I would love to have another of my own. Seeing this little baby made me think about my “baby” and how great it would be to give her a little sister or brother. My biological clock is ticking though, and I’m still not sure if I (or the hubby) really want another child. For now, I’ll enjoy the few minutes every now and then when I can see this new kid on the block.


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