I’m Watching

Good morning! A brilliant day is in the making. The sun is gleaming from where I stand. I look up to admire the billowy clouds; they make me smile and thankful for vacation days. I then lean over the deck railing to see what I can see. The coast is clear. I take a deep breath with my eyes closed. I can almost taste the salt water. The only sounds I hear are the seagulls chattering with one another as they soar overhead and the crash of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

I open my eyes. Quite a few vacationers are already out on the beach. They’re walking hand-in-hand or running or claiming their favorite spots. An older couple strolls through the water’s edge. A dog gallops into the waves to retrieve a toy. A teen bikes his way up the coastline while another cyclist pursues from behind. A man bounds down the boardwalk and over the dunes to stretch; he then disappears on a jog. A few ladies meander over to plop their chairs and umbrella down in a prime spot.

I’m nearing the last drop of coffee in my mug. Damn, it was good. I think I’ll refill and come back out for more people watching. This is my kind of relaxation.


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