Girls’ Nights No More

We regret to inform you that as of today, June 23, 2014, girls will no longer be permitted to have any type of girls’ night out. This includes the obligatory bachelorette party, the occasional happy hour, and even the spontaneous after-work get together.

Wow. What in the hell would I do if that really happened? What if we lived in a world where anyone could just announce on a loudspeaker that we couldn’t do something/anything?! I guess even though this isn’t really true here where I live in the United States of America, it is true in some other parts of the world.

Imagine living in a world similar to The Hunger Games. Instead of an annual competition where kids are forced to fight to the death, females would never have the chance to bond or socialize or go out together. Okay, this might be a stretch, but having some entity tell us that we (male or female) can’t do something is ludicrous — at least it is for me (and probably you, if you live in a democratic society).

As a young adult woman, I looked forward to my girlfriends planning my bachelorette party. It was my rite of passage into womanhood and a monogamous life.

As a mom and a wife, I look forward to the last-minute drinks after work. I may not be able to attend every one of these fiestas, but at least I have the opportunity to participate if I so choose.

As I get older, I yearn more and more for girls’ nights. It’s nice to be reminded of times gone past with my favorite girls. It’s fun to try to replicate past trips to the Winking Lizard or to Florida.

I’m glad we live in a time and place where we (girls/women/females) can enjoy each others’ company whenever we so choose. I’m glad for each one of us, and I’m glad for my daughter who will get to make her own memories of GNOs in her own time. I’m especially glad for the men in our lives, though. 🙂


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