I love plants. I don’t know how much they love me as a mom though. I have a plant here at work. It doesn’t look like it’s doing so hot. It seems like the leaves are wilting. Am I not watering it enough? Am I watering it too often? I try to water at least once per week. It’s sitting on the window ledge where it can get plenty of sunshine. Although now that’s it’s fall here in Ohio, I’m not sure how much sun either of us will see over the next several months <sigh>.

Anyway, I am going to water my plant now and pick off the dead/brown leaves. I will take a picture of Planty sometime. We’ll let her have some time to make her leaves all pretty and not so wilty looking. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo that I downloaded from Death to the Stock Photo. They’re pretty cool folks who send a packet of photos once a month to download for free. This isn’t what Planty looks like — but it’s bright in this picture and that’s what I want for Planty.


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