So I thought I was being smart the other day when I finally found a way to catch up on a show, Covert Affairs. I couldn’t figure out a way to watch any of the previous seasons on USA’s website. It wasn’t happening for me either by going to DirecTV’s site. I even contemplated signing up for Hulu (again). Fortunately, I realized they didn’t have the 2nd season. (BTW: I totally do not recommend Hulu. If I wanted to watch commercials in this day and age, I’d watch shows on television at the time the shows air. Duh.) Netflix didn’t even have the show. What’s a girl to do?? A girl tries to sign up to watch limitless episodes of any show on television after googling for her choices and then gives up because these freaking “free” websites want my freaking credit card number and signs up for Amazon Prime instead.

Note to self: Read the fine print first if a website asks for your credit card number for a free trial.

This girl ended up canceling the free trial right after signing up because she found out that her card would be charged $35+ per month after a week. WUH?! No, thank you! Can you say scam? Yeah.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger and signed up for Amazon Prime. I read as much as I could on Amazon’s website before signing up. (I really did.) I was a bit taken aback by the $99 yearly fee. Then I thought, $99 for a whole year? Okay, I’ll try the free trial for the next month. Yes, a whole month! Not just a measly business week. Plus, I trust Amazon. I don’t buy a whole lot there, I must admit. I think the last purchases I made were last Christmas season. But it’ll be good (if I decide to keep it) because I’ll get free two-day shipping. Sweet. I also get to listen to a lot of music. But the best part — I get to catch up on Covert Affairs. Boo-yah! Will I keep Amazon Prime? I’m still thinking about it. But I have a whole month to decide, right?! I can watch all of my fave shows and catch up during my down time.

Or, can I?? My daughter has been complaining for about 2 days now that she’s unable to get on to YouTube or Netflix or watch any videos at all. Hmm… The iPad is only 6 months old. Maybe we need to take it to the Apple store for an overhaul? Yikes. Oh, how about deleting those apps and then reinstalling? Uh, no. That didn’t work. “DADDY!

My husband asks me if I’ve been watching shows on my laptop. Um… Yes. Guilty? “I bet that’s the problem.” “Am I taking up too much bandwidth?” I ask. “I think so,” he tells me as he gives my daughter the iPad and walks away to go finish watching Bizarre Foods. Grrrr…

So there’s goes my brilliant idea of catching up on shows with my new free trial to Amazon Prime. Fine. I guess I’ll go back to my Nook and work on some puzzles. Yay.


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