Not just any wine. I’ve been into Malbec for a few years now. I’ve always been a red wine drinker. I like some whites but not all of the time. Maybe for lunch — white wine at lunch is muy delicioso. When I need a glass while relaxing at home or sitting around with friends or when I’m not in the mood for beer, I go for the red.

I don’t remember how I got hooked on Malbec. It’s my go-to wine now. I bring it to friends’ houses. I buy it at the grocery or wine store. I seek it out. Of course there are dozens of brands, too. I’m not usually picky about that though.

I mentioned to my hubby tonight that I needed a glass of wine. (I’m now on my second.) I just finished my last bottle of Malbec. Hubby went to look in the wine rack. He said I had another bottle in there but he and I both knew it wouldn’t satisfy me (not Malbec). So I heated up some leftovers and poured a generous glass for myself. Hubby wasn’t feeling leftovers so he went out to look for something to eat. I didn’t know where he was going. He comes back with a gift for me a bit later. TWO MORE BOTTLES OF MALBEC. Brand? Colores del Sol.

If I’ve never said why I love my husband it’s because there are too many reasons. I hope after this post you know at least one of those reasons.


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