It’s been one of those weeks, and it’s only Tuesday.

It was a snow day yesterday for our school. A freaking snow day. On November 17. It’s not even Thanksgiving! It’s stupid cold outside. I live in Ohio, not Alaska. Annoying. I so dislike the cold. And snow. But I have to admit the snow on the trees in my backyard yesterday was gorgeous. However, I’m over it now. Now it’s just annoying. Annoying.

What else is annoying? People. Not all the time but I found one person in particular rather annoying yesterday. Stupid questions. I don’t bother to answer stupid questions. It’s annoying. Annoying.

Hell, I even annoy myself. I’ve been trying to get to sleep early. If I fall asleep before 11 PM then yay! I try to get up and get to work at a decently annoying early time every morning. I blame the dog. I blame my super comfy bed. I blame this damn cold weather. Annoying.

Anything else? How about people who insist on eating food in public and chomp with their mouths open?! It just happened here. I’m sitting in the skate lobby while my daughter is ice skating. There are some freaky people here. They probably think I’m freaky, too. That’s ok. I don’t mind. To each their own, right? But come on! If you’re gonna eat then please learn how to do it with your mouth CLOSED. I do not want to listen to you chewing up your celery or raw pepper. Gross. And annoying.

There are many more annoying things I could mention, but I’ll save those for a time when I’m not as annoyed as I am now. There’s only so many annoying people, places, or things I care to rant about right now. It’s freaking never ending. How annoying.


One thought on “Ah-NOY-ing

  1. “How about people who insist on eating food in public and chomp with their mouths open?!”. Yes, it happens, no matter how disgusting it is. I recently had this experience, too. 😦

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