She’s crafty.

She’s crafty.

In my quest for craftiness, I have been trying to replicate the little gift jars that Martha Stewart featured in one of her past MS Living mags.

I thought I’d cut out little Christmas-themed pieces. After going through a sheet of fine-grit sandpaper, I remembered that I’m not really all that artistic. Round ornaments looked like big blobs. Candy canes looked like sick, upside-down letter Js. Christmas trees looked choppy. Sigh.

Oh! How about initials? Genius. I’ll start with W.

Now I’ll these fill these puppies up with matches. Urgh. No, I won’t. I purchased the wrong type of matches. Safety-conscious me purchased safety matches even though I knew I needed strike-anywhere matches. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking, obviously.

Go back to Amazon Prime. Find correct matches. BINGO! Got ’em. Unpack matches. Immediately strike match on sandpaper adhered to mini jar. SUCCESS! I’m a happy girl again.

I was planning to give these out as Christmas gifts. I believe these will now just be little gifts that I give to neighbors, family, and friends just because

Here’s a list of the items I purchased:

I’m off to figure out my next craft project. Lip balm? Sugar scrub? Crocheted blanket? Wish me luck!


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