In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Great Divide.”

I kinda like this prompt. If you’re wondering why, just take a look at my blog title — I love books. I love coffee. I love reading books with my coffee.

But what kinds of books do I like to read? I pretty much read anything. It’s hard for me to sit down and not read something. For example, last night at dinner — I left my Nook in my bedroom and didn’t want to grab it so I decided to peruse one of the dozens of magazines that we graciously provide in our half bath. I try to only keep magazines from the current and the previous months. If I kept any more, the little half bath would be way out of control. So last night at dinner I caught up on the year 2014 with Time while my daughter was sulking in her room (because I refused to brush out the rat’s nest that makes up her hair before eating dinner — we were having steak — there is no waiting to devour steak) and my husband was preoccupied with the pro football game (not really caring who won because neither were his “team” but kind of caring because he had bet on the game). I managed to get through half of the magazine while enjoying my delicious prime steak and blocking out my husband’s yelling/curses/cheers next to me.

So, I like to read magazines. But I love to read books. Novels. Epic tales. Thousand-page+ books.

There are several books that I’ve started but not yet finished. War and Peace is one of them. I’m a sucker for historical and classic novels. This one was right up my alley because it’s historical, it’s classic, and it’s over 1,000 pages. Ahh… But it’s one of those books, also, that I haven’t been able to finish. I think I’m a few hundred pages in and I can’t get any further.

I’m currently reading B&N: Outlander Series #6. I told my friend that I would probably never read this series. It just didn’t sound all that fascinating to me. She, however, loves loves loves these books! I finally broke down and bought the first book last month. Uh, yeah, I just started number six. I told you I love to read. Plus, what else is there to do in Ohio in December during the holidays?

The next book on my list? Saving Max by Antoinette van Heugten. I need to read it before Sunday though. That’s our next neighborhood book club meeting. Fingers crossed that this is a fast read.

It’s a good thing I still have a few gigs left on my Nook. I’m going to need them this winter — probably to read some of what these folks are reading…
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