At least, it is for me — most of the time. I was an English major in college. I work for a publishing company now. I’m not sure how either of those things actually help my writing. I know I could write better. I expect that I’ll write better as I continue writing. But because I have my own blog, am I expected to write well? I’ll answer that. Yes, I should be expected to write well.

I want to write well. I want to write a lot.

I’ve probably stated this in the past somewhere, but my goal/plan/wish/hope is to:

*write a little bit every day;
*read a new post every day;
*pay more attention to what I’m reading and writing every day;
*learn every day.

Wish me luck. 

The above is in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Procrastination.”

Writing is a challenge. As I said, it’s a challenge for me. I usually know what I want to write. It’s often that I just don’t know how to put it down into words. So when I came across the Procrastination prompt, I immediately went through my dozen or so drafts and picked one that I could actually post.

I’ve added a bit more to my original draft. Before I begin procrastinating any more, I’ll maybe read through some of these posts for blogging inspiration.
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toshj13’s Blog | Procrastination: Silent, but Deadly
Anchors Aweigh | Do We All Procrastinate?
Baby Gates Down | No Kidding — I Read a Book


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