To Lunch, Or, Not to Lunch?

This is usually one of my biggest work day dilemmas.

Do I step away from my desk to eat my lunch? Or, do I quietly sit at my desk while chowing down on my lunch and try to catch up on email? Do I even bother trying to catch up on email?

Do I work through lunch? And what do I mean when I say I’m going to work through lunch? Do I hurry, feed my face, and get back to the daily grind? Or, do I shut my shower-like cubicle door and enjoy last night’s leftovers?

I hate being put into this situation day in and day out.

Today, I was determined to nuke my mom’s yummy rice noodle leftovers and sit at my desk like a good worker bee. However, I had to force myself to get up and walk away after three nonstop hours of email responses before my legs (and butt) cramped up. So I look at my calendar and realize that my afternoon meetings from 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 don’t start until 1:00 pm. DUH. It might be 11:30 am, but I still have time to EAT. Away from my desk. In the company of my other worker bees. Away from my desk.

It’s now back to the grind. It’s time to close my shower-like cubicle door and glance at my inbox to see who needs a response now and who can wait. Maybe my next post will be about my other big work day dilemma — email…

Thanks to my followers who have waited patiently for me to get back on this blog horse!


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