Back story.

It’s Sunday. It’s 9:00 in the morning. Hubby and I are getting showers, coffee, dressed, and reluctantly waking up. Fast-forward to 9:30. It’s time to wake up the 10-year-old. The dog also needs to go out and eat. It’s now inching closer to 9:45, and, guess who isn’t up yet?

Me: “Leah, gotta get up and get ready for church.”

Whiner: “Do I have to go?” Me: “Yes.”

Pleader: “Can I stay home?” Me: “No.”

Sleepyhead: “But I’m tired. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” Me: “You can take a nap when you get home.”

Excuse-maker: “It’s too early. This is the only day I can enjoy sleeping in, so why do I have to go?” Me: “Really? What about yesterday?”

Truth-teller: “I don’t like Sunday school. It’s boring. I don’t know any of the kids. It’s not fun.” Me: “Maybe you should go more often so you can get to know everyone better.”

Should I continue?

Needless to say, Sunday school happened. With our daughter there. Victory.

Lesson learned.

Driving home from my daughter’s figure skating lesson, she started telling me about the Sunday school lesson (that she almost missed) from last weekend. I’ve learned not to ask about Sunday school right after Sunday school because the response usually includes words like “boring” or “nothing” or a dirty look. So I was pumped that my girl was volunteering this information!

The lesson was on sacrifices and how we should learn to sacrifice in our life because Jesus sacrificed his life for all of our sins.

And why was I hearing of this lesson on Thursday? One of Leah’s classmates brought in a cookie cake to celebrate his birthday during snack today. Leah decided to sacrifice her portion of the snack so that another of her classmates would get a snack. I was so proud of her! Could I have reminded her that it was a good thing to go to Sunday school? Of course. But the part of me that wanted to say, “See! I told you so!” held back and instead gushed aloud that I was extremely proud of her for thinking of others before herself today.

Today was a good day.


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