I’ve heard this word before, but I wasn’t really sure if it was for real. I mean, it could be one of those words you think is real but it’s really an urban legend or something you dreamed of or maybe it was uttered on SportsCenter and now it’s trendy. Anyway, I like it. It describes my newfound yen for Twitter.

I’m trying to be more socially active, so I opened a new Twitter account. I’m Malbec Time. I love my coffee, but I also love my wine. However, don’t confuse me for an oenophile. I am not a wine snob. I do not have a damp, dark wine cellar in my house. I don’t subscribe to Wine Spectator. I just like wine. Red wine, to be exact. Malbec, to be precise. I used to belong to an international wine of the month club where they would send me 2 bottles of red every month. I love getting mail, and I love wine, so this was a perfect match! However, you have to be home in order for FedEx to deliver your wine, since they require a signature for alcoholic beverage delivery. I work from home now, so I can’t use the office as my backup signatory.

Anyway, I based my new Twitter account on my love of wine. I don’t just post tweets or pictures of my wine of the day though. I’ve found that limiting myself to 140 characters is hard, but it’s at times easier to convey my thoughts (or irritations) about my daughter, my job, my husband, etc. in a few sentences and hashtags. So feel free to follow me (@Wine4ThisMom). I appreciate the love.


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